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Welcome to World Cast Radio. If you are looking for free internet radio stations, we are a free radio station, playing all your favorite music. Whether you are looking for free radio stations playing free rap radio, reggae radio stations, Latin internet radio or live hip hop radio, we have it all right here. Just click to listen live via our website to listen to hip hop radio, r&b radio, rap radio, free reggae radio and Latin music radio. Check out the WCR Crew on our website to meet our power DJs and mix and show DJs and WCR models. Read about your favorite DJs and find our when you can listen to them on free internet radio at WCR and find DJs that play your favorite music, including free hip hop radio, free online reggae radio, rap radio, and more. You can also find where they are playing in the clubs and gigs in your area. Don’t forget to visit the Events section of our website to find out where you can see our DJs and models at WCR events, DJ and Model events. Look around our website to view photographs and videos from the clubs that we have posted on our website and find information about upcoming events. You can do more at WCR than listen to online radio, you can read blogs and connect with others while you listen to hip hop r&b music, rap radio stations and reggae radio online. Rate our WCR DJs and become part of this vibrant community of music lovers.