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NEW YORK, July 22, 2010: Worldcast Radio (WCR) proudly announces the renovation of its business methodologies to put music back into the ear of music lovers. With the express purpose of offering fans music from all genres at any given time, this radio station has assimilated top notch DJs from all over the globe to deliver the music in a mix show format 24/7.


WorldCastRadio, unlike a standard radio station, does not require DJs to come to a centralized studio to deliver segmented broadcasts dictated by a program director. Using WCR’s own proprietary software, the DJs can air their segments from live gigs or their home studios, increasing their comfort level and elevating their creativity. This platform allows the DJs to be the master of their craft and double up as station directors in addition to being the jockey. For the audience listening over the web, the music comes directly from the heart of the DJ.


In addition to offering live DJ broadcasts from all over the world, Worldcast Radio allows interaction between the listeners and the DJs. This is being achieved by incorporating a social network environment (WSN…Worldcast Social Network), similar to Facebook, into the website’s core structure. WSN allows the listeners to create a profile, save each other as friends, save any DJ as friends, upload photos, music and videos, send each other message via the internal emailing system, blog, chat via global chat room and follow any DJ which sends alerts to their inbox about that DJ’s every activity on WCR. Each DJ has his/her personal page on the site with all the previously mentioned amenities in addition to being able to post events. If that’s not enough there is even a section for up and coming models wanting to showcase their portfolio which also allows them the same benefits as the DJs. Not stopping there, WSN also incorporates a

‘Hot or Not’ rating system allowing everyone to be rated by anyone on a scale of 1 to 10.


Worldcast Radio embarked on this re-inventive endeavor in keeping with the global audiences’ desire to enjoy their brand of music at any time of the day in a continuous mixed format. “The joy of music should not be dictated by the corporate suits. Music belongs to everyone and should be enjoyed from the core because it has the ability to make us cry, laugh, jump, dance or even pause and ponder for a moment. Let music run free for all the different things it does to each person it touches,” says owner Peter Lewis.



About World Cast Radio: Worldcast Radio is the brainchild of Darren Skeete aka DJ Phlav, who noticed music was becoming increasingly commercialized. Recognizing this as a problem, Skeete contacted his school mate, Peter Lewis who used his experience of the IT industry to formulate the technically advanced Worldcast Radio. www.WorldcastRadio.com.....The World Is Listening!!

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